Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

The Results Are In

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest. The world needs more stories like these. Thank you to everyone who shared with us their unique, effective, and relevant form of activism.

Animal Rights Advocate Nikki Anniehs Awarded 1st Place Prize In Cooking Green Goodness Magazine’s Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

Category: Animal Rights/Welfare


1st Place Prize Winner Nikki Anniehs


“I am also a passionate vegan and animal rights advocate so my photography reflects on that a lot. I just love animals and my hopes is that by bringing some of their moments we can regain a love for animals and connect with them once again. The only way to shoot an animal is with your camera.”

“A curious pig comes close to smell the camera. Despite having endured so much in his/her life, still is curious at what is going on and who we are.”

“While bearing witness we offer some water to pigs and this pig accepts and takes a sip of water.  Just part of what we do in the save movement.”

“I just had started that beautiful journey of fully vegan cooking & baking, diving deep into the amazing world of plant-based ingredients, so manifold and colorful. And I planned to give it a try: if there is no vegan cheesecake out there, I will create one myself. The masterclass of seducing creamyness, oh my. And it was a road to travel.”



2nd Place Prize Winner Claudia Hirschberger


“I believe that we can change the world with just a meal: It’s our daily routines where we create sense, and it’s our everyday life’s where all the magic happens. If we smell a mushroom’s earthy flavor or carefully watch our rice pudding simmering slowly on the stove, we might feel inspired to take care of ourselves and of nature, and maybe even to make better choices.”


3rd Place Prize Winners Violet’s Vegan Comics


“What’s a vegan storybook? you may ask. Well, basically, it’s like any other storybook except the central characters – the heroes – are vegan. How many times have you had your enjoyment of a good story spoilt when the heroes – the people you liked, the people you were rooting for – ate meat or went fishing or bought a leather jacket? When these things happen in children’s stories they send a message – they tell the child that it’s okay to do these things. The good guys do it so it must be okay. It’s normal.”

When you empower a child with lessons of love, compassion and respect for all beings, it helps them to grow into mindful humans with an ethical world view.

“Beans on toast is our newest comic and it’s so much fun! It has three different stories and three puzzle pages. Marvelous Mildred and The Girl Scout Twins is about the funny and daring antics of three girls who rescue different animal characters from the horrible contraptions of the Flat-Capped Menace (a farmer). Told in the humorous style of the Penelope Pitstop cartoons, these stories are an absolute delight!”