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Violet’s Vegan Comics Awarded In The Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

“What’s a vegan storybook? you may ask. Well, basically, it’s like any other storybook except the central characters – the heroes – are vegan. How many times have you had your enjoyment of a good story spoilt when the heroes – the people you liked, the people you were rooting for – ate meat or went fishing or bought a leather jacket? When these things happen in children’s stories they send a message – they tell the child that it’s okay to do these things. The good guys do it so it must be okay. It’s normal.”
Violet & Miranda, Violet’s Vegan Comics, United Kingdom


Violet’s Vegan Comics awarded 3rd place prize in the Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest.

The Violet’s Vegan Comics website is full of fun, colourful, exciting and funny stories about vegan children and superheroes like Reflecto Girl, who have battles to fight, victories to win, games to play and cakes to eat. All of the stories and comics are free to read and always will says the Authors. You can visit their “little bookshop” to choose from an ever growing selection of vegan children’s books in paperback and hard cover should you wish to hold an actual book in hand.

Each story is beautifully and colourfully illustrated with crayons. Happy ending included.

Reflecto Girl begins when Renée Gale inherits the Dounto from her grandmother. The Dounto (pronounced doon-toe) is an ancient Celtic mystical mirror, passed down through the female line of Renée’s family for centuries. Named after the expression ‘do unto others as you would be done by’, the Dounto, when held in front of someone doing something horrible to someone else, reflects back their misdeed. Whatever they are doing to someone else, happens to them. With the Dounto, Renée is Reflecto Girl and she uses her power to defend and protect animals.

The Reflecto Girl stories, suitable for ages 8 and up, are fun, exciting and eye-opening. The paperback comics also include puzzle pages, animal fact files and things to make and do such as a paper doll to cut out, a colouring page or a recipe.

Written and Illustrated by Violet Plum.
All the stories are free to read online.

Beans On Toast is Violet’s Vegan Comics’ newest comic. This comic has three different stories and three puzzle pages. Marvellous Mildred and the Girl Scout Twins is about the funny and daring antics of three girls who rescue different animal characters from the horrible contraptions of the Flat-Capped Menace (a farmer). Told in the humorous style of the Penelope Pitstop cartoons, these stories are an absolute delight!

The second story in the comic is Sherman and Geynes: Pretend Detectives, about two boys who investigate mysteries of their own invention. And boy do they reach some outlandish conclusions! The stories always end at a wonderful vegan eatery where they indulge in some scrumptious treats. The last story in Beans On Toast is a chapter from the lovely hand-written and illustrated diary of a nine year old vegan home-schooler, drawn on the author’s real life experiences.

Written and Illustrated by Miranda Lemon.
All the stories are free to read online.

The story of The Two Little Pigs was all Miranda’s idea. Miranda wanted to convey the simple truth that just because animals are raised on a free range farm where they are well looked after, doesn’t mean it’s okay to kill them. Free range organic animals meet the same horrific end as factory farmed animals so there is no such thing as humane meat.

In this bright, fast-paced rhyming story, two little pigs are running home as fast as they can because the big bad butcher is trying to catch them. This is a bright, fast-paced story, perfect for reading to little ones at bedtime. Beautifully and colourfully illustrated with crayons. Happy ending included.

All stories are free to read online.

Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er is a series of funny short stories that Violet Plum had a lot of fun with. In the first book, Luke is eight years old, growing up in a meat-eating family. He’s noticed that life often isn’t fair for animals and that adults’ justifications for this don’t make sense. Wanting to right wrongs, he becomes a self-styled vegan outlaw who will not play by the rules if the rules mean being unkind. He knows he’s right but he also knows that, in order to do the right thing, he sometimes needs to be sneaky.

Luke’s adventures are exciting, funny and sometimes outrageous! By the time he turns 11 in the third series, three friends have joined him and together they are the Secret Society of animal stick up for-ers. A constant trial to parents and teachers, Luke is uncompromising in his defence of animals, regardless of the trouble he gets into.

Written and Illustrated by Violet Plum and Miranda Lemon. All twenty four chapters are free to read online.

When you empower a child with lessons of love, compassion and respect for all beings, it helps them to grow into mindful humans with an ethical world view.

What is a vegan storybook?  Violet’s Vegan Comics tells us that vegan storybooks do not pretend it is okay to use, abuse and consume animals. Vegan storybooks create a “new normal.” The exploitation of animals in vegan storybooks are not normalised.

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